When temperature and humidity fluctuate it can be difficult to prevent drywall ceiling cracks. The fluctuation in temperatures causes ceiling cracks in drywall especially when it’s not professionally installed. The cracks typically happen along seams between sheets of drywall or where framing changes direction, especially on large ceiling areas or large framing spans.

As the framing and drywall expand and contract at different rates, cracks can occur. Therefore, professional installation of resilient channel is important. Proper installation of resilient channel will allow the drywall to move separately from the framing to reduce cracking. The bonus… resilient channel also helps to sound-proof.

Over time and as buildings settle, cracks inevitably appear in any building.  The Leaning Tower of Pisa is a good, albeit funny example of movement.  It’s natural for buildings to move.  If you have cracks appearing, there are ways to repair and mitigate trouble spots with flexible joint compound as well.

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