Drywall: Tips of the Trade

Keeping Clean with Drywall Services

Wyoming MN Drywall

Smooth Basement Drywall Ceiling in Wyoming, Minnesota

Drywall Dust Containment

There is no getting around the fact that drywall sanding is dusty.  That is why it is important to have a contractor that knows how to handle drywall dust in the most effective way.

Drywall and New Construction

For new construction buildings the process is relatively simple regarding drywall.  This is since most finishing elements are not installed yet. Things like woodwork, trim, doors, floor finishing, and cabinetry are most often installed after drywall is finished. This means they do not need protecting.

Drywall and Remodeling

The drywall installation situation is different for remodeling and basement finishing.  In these cases, steps are taken to keep dust contained to the area being finished.  Floors are covered with heavy paper, windows are taped with plastic, and any woodwork is ideally covered.  Finally, doors, entryways and vents are covered to contain the dust as much as possible to the construction area.

Periodic dust clean-up during construction is helpful.  Sometimes air filtration machines can be used to filter out dust as work is completed to keep the drywall dust in the area where drywall taping, and sanding are being done. Keeping floors free from dust and debris is helpful too.  It keeps particulates from being transferred around by foot traffic.

In the final cleanup after drywall work you can expect your drywall contractor to use a dry vacuum.  This is to thoroughly pick up any remaining pieces of drywall and clean dust that remains.  It is also important that woodwork is vacuumed, and not wiped or wetted.  This is because drywall dust can get pushed into the grain of woodwork. So, lifting it up with a vacuum brush is the correct and required method of cleanup.  Concrete floors are scraped of any remaining drywall mud if floors were unfinished during the drywalling process.

Finding a drywall professional that is diligent and cares about keeping a clean job site is important.  Call Cast Drywall for your next project and experience the difference a clean drywall contractor makes.

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How to Soundproof Drywall Ceilings and Walls

Drywall installations offer two common ways to soundproof walls and ceilings in new construction or remodeling.  One is installing a second layer of 5/8 drywall directly over your existing wall or ceiling.  This helps significantly reduce noise. Third layers or specialty types of drywall can also be used in extreme noise or important privacy situations. If someone in the family is starting a rock-band in the basement you might want to try this.

Another method is to use resilient channel. Resilient channel is used most often to reduce movement and prevent ceiling cracks.  But, professional installation of resilient channel will allow the drywall to move separately from the framing which reduces sound transfer between elements. Stopping sound transfer is the goal.  Used on ceilings, this reduces noise between the lower and upper level of your building along with the use of floor coverings and insulation, of course.

For sound-blocking ideas in apartments or condos that don’t include construction, check out this article.

Contact Cast Drywall for more information about sound-proofing your walls and ceilings with professionally installed sheetrock and ceilings for your next drywall project.

How to Prevent Drywall Ceiling Cracks

When temperature and humidity fluctuate it can be difficult to prevent drywall ceiling cracks. The fluctuation in temperatures causes ceiling cracks in drywall especially when it’s not professionally installed. The cracks typically happen along seams between sheets of drywall or where framing changes direction, especially on large ceiling areas or large framing spans.

As the framing and drywall expand and contract at different rates, cracks can occur. Therefore, professional installation of resilient channel is important. Proper installation of resilient channel will allow the drywall to move separately from the framing to reduce cracking. The bonus… resilient channel also helps to sound-proof.

Over time and as buildings settle, cracks inevitably appear in any building.  The Leaning Tower of Pisa is a good, albeit funny example of movement.  It’s natural for buildings to move.  If you have cracks appearing, there are ways to repair and mitigate trouble spots with flexible joint compound as well.

Contact Cast Drywall for more information about reducing ceiling cracks with professional installation of resilient channel on your next project.

Condo Ceiling Update Minneapolis, MN

Minneapolis Condo Ceiling Update

This is the view from a condo in Minneapolis, Minnesota where we are updating the ceilings to a modern finish. Call Cast Drywall about your drywall project and update those dingy popcorn ceilings today!

Basement Drywall & Remodel in Big Lake, MN

Basement Remodel Sheetrock Taping

This basement remodel in Big Lake, Minnesota will soon be ready for paint and all the finishing touches. Call Cast Drywall about your drywall project and basement remodel. We’re ready to help!

Box Vault in East Bethel, MN

Ceiling Box Vault

This is a ceiling box vault Cast Drywall is installing in East Bethel, Minnesota. They are popular with a smooth or knockdown texture finish.  Call today about how to get one in your home!

Basement Drywall & Remodel in Maple Grove, MN

Basement Remodel Exercise Room

This basement remodel in Maple Grove, Minnesota has everything including a bar, workout room, media area and more. Call Cast Drywall about your drywall project and basement remodel. We’re ready to help!

Drywall at a New Cabin Near Rush City, MN

We get to work in some beautiful places.  This is a new drywall project near Rush City, Minnesota. Drywall is the step where rooms and homes begin to come alive.

New Home Drywall in East Bethel, MN

This is a new home we’re measuring and will complete the drywall installation for in East Bethel, Minnesota.  We love working with homeowners and can’t wait to see this drywall project come to life!

Commercial Drywall Project in Monticello, MN

Light commercial remodeling drywall work is being done at Liberty Paper in Monticello, MN. Every effort is made to provide clean drywall processes and respectful service from our staff, with minimum disruption to your business operations.