Drywall installations offer two common ways to soundproof walls and ceilings in new construction or remodeling.  One is installing a second layer of 5/8 drywall directly over your existing wall or ceiling.  This helps significantly reduce noise. Third layers or specialty types of drywall can also be used in extreme noise or important privacy situations. If someone in the family is starting a rock-band in the basement you might want to try this.

Another method is to use resilient channel. Resilient channel is used most often to reduce movement and prevent ceiling cracks.  But, professional installation of resilient channel will allow the drywall to move separately from the framing which reduces sound transfer between elements. Stopping sound transfer is the goal.  Used on ceilings, this reduces noise between the lower and upper level of your building along with the use of floor coverings and insulation, of course.

For sound-blocking ideas in apartments or condos that don’t include construction, check out this article.

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