What We Do

Based in the Northwest Suburbs of the Twin Cities, Cast Drywall serves the entire Minnesota metro and out-state area with complete drywall services.

We hang sheetrock, tape, and sand residential and light commercial walls and ceilings (lids). Your walls will be smooth and made ready for flat or eggshell paint—whichever you plan for.  We spray ceilings typically with a modern knockdown or smooth finish.  And if you really want, we still do popcorn too.

From start to finish Greg and his crew at Cast Drywall work clean, produce beautiful surfaces, and will keep your schedule.

Services include:

• Hang, Tape, Sand
• Residential Drywall
• Light Commercial Drywall
• Racetracks and other detailed work
• Patchwork
• Bullnose and other specialty trims
• Ceiling priming and painting
• Fire and water damage repair
• Resprays
• Hanging sheetrock
• Popcorn removal
• Knockdown ceilings
• Smoke damage (fire & cigarettes)
• Insurance jobs
• Spray Ceilings

Clean. Flawless. On-Time.

Thank you for choosing Cast Drywall.

Why Choose Cast Drywall?

We’ve heard it many times “It’s just drywall, not brain surgery.”  Well yes, of course, it’s not brain surgery. But it is a craft that takes training–and many years to perfect.  Much like a sport it also takes some physical talent.  Walking on stilts or narrow planks high in the air while balancing tools isn’t for everyone.  Finally, to get a job-well-done… it takes a leader and crew who care.

Finding all this can be a challenge.  Now you have it, with us.