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Drywall Dust Containment

There is no getting around the fact that drywall sanding is dusty.  That is why it is important to have a contractor that knows how to handle drywall dust in the most effective way.

Drywall and New Construction

For new construction buildings the process is relatively simple regarding drywall.  This is since most finishing elements are not installed yet. Things like woodwork, trim, doors, floor finishing, and cabinetry are most often installed after drywall is finished. This means they do not need protecting.

Drywall and Remodeling

The drywall installation situation is different for remodeling and basement finishing.  In these cases, steps are taken to keep dust contained to the area being finished.  Floors are covered with heavy paper, windows are taped with plastic, and any woodwork is ideally covered.  Finally, doors, entryways and vents are covered to contain the dust as much as possible to the construction area.

Periodic dust clean-up during construction is helpful.  Sometimes air filtration machines can be used to filter out dust as work is completed to keep the drywall dust in the area where drywall taping, and sanding are being done. Keeping floors free from dust and debris is helpful too.  It keeps particulates from being transferred around by foot traffic.

In the final cleanup after drywall work you can expect your drywall contractor to use a dry vacuum.  This is to thoroughly pick up any remaining pieces of drywall and clean dust that remains.  It is also important that woodwork is vacuumed, and not wiped or wetted.  This is because drywall dust can get pushed into the grain of woodwork. So, lifting it up with a vacuum brush is the correct and required method of cleanup.  Concrete floors are scraped of any remaining drywall mud if floors were unfinished during the drywalling process.

Finding a drywall professional that is diligent and cares about keeping a clean job site is important.  Call Cast Drywall for your next project and experience the difference a clean drywall contractor makes.

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